September 8


In 4/5Stone we have been doing science. We have been looking at solids , liquids and gases.

we did a test to see if a tissue would get wet when in a cup in water.

do you think the will get wet?

June 16

Clown Fish

nemoDorySwimming through the ocean ,

Lonely little clown fish ,

Nothing to do by myself ,

Don’t have any friends , but that’s what I wish .

Get court in a net ,

In the deep blue sea ,

Cant get out ,

Wishing I could be free .

Here comes a blue fish ,

Looking for me ,

She’s my new best friend ,

Her name is Dory .

March 21

Writing A Narrative

A narrative is a story . You can have lots of different types of narratives .

You can have :





Drama etc.

If you want to write a narrative you must include these things.

An orientation which must include:

A setting

Introducing Characters

A complication which must have:

A problem

A second problem

And a third problem which is the worst one out of all of them.

A resolution which must have:

How the problem gets fixed.

If  you have all of these steps you have completed a Narrative.



March 18

Anti-Bullying Day

Today is Anti-Bullying Day . In class we have been making paper hands to represent Anti-Bullying.

We have been to the Prep room to help them make paper hands.

I promise to the kids at our school if you are being bullyed you can come to me . I will stand up for the kids being bullyed.